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What We Do

Market Intelligence

Prior to product design we advise clients on market potential, penetration, and development. This process involves identifying insights and analyzing data in-depth to quantify consumer needs. We help clients develop competitive strategies to establish a presence in key markets for long term success.

Product Design and Development

Our team works with clients throughout all stages involved in bringing an idea through market release and beyond. We offer the technical expertise required during a products entire journey from conceptualization to design. We have an in-house branding team to help clients establish their brand, corporate identity, and the marketing materials that determine how their customers connect with their product.


We are stakeholders in manufacturing operations that include high-precision metal engineering, plastic mold injection, garments, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and medical products. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to highest standards of ISO compliance and GMP standards. We have also established longterm relationships with other manufacturing partners for products outside our existing manufacturing scope.  

Product Sourcing and Procurement

Our organization can assist clients in the sourcing and procurement of any products needed across the globe. We have a local presence most major industrial jurisdictions that can coordinate site inspections and oversee quality control to protect our clients interest. Our role is to ensure our clients and their end users are receiving safe products.  

Supply Chain and Logistics

Logistics are an essential part of supply chain management that we coordinate from a products point of origin to the point of consumption. After products are manufactured we align the complex pattern of traffic and transportation of shipments to be received in a smooth, timely, and cost-effect manner.  

Regulatory Compliance

In order to serve clients in all markets we have assembled a team of legal advisors to navigate the dynamic regulatory compliance for state, federal, and international laws. We stay on the pulse of foreign policy changes that affect our clients especially for cross-border trade in highly regulated sectors. 

Our Policy is to ensure delivery to those defending the frontlines. 

With the current outbreak of novel-coronavirus (COVID-19), it is our responsibility to ensure the scarce medical supplies are being received by the end user such as healthcare organizations. We have enacted a policy that prohibits us from working with brokers or resellers of medical-related products.  

Cross-border trade to deliver supplies where they are needed most.

We are constantly monitoring new policies and international trade routes to manage the complex pattern of transportation of shipments. Our goal is to have goods delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.